Associate Members

S.No. Organization Profession Country Name Designation Join
1. The Complementary Medical Association Complementary Medicine United Kingdom Prof. Jayney Goddard President Committee
2. Reproductive Biology and Genetics Society Veterinary Medicine Singapore Prof. Saber M. Abd-Allah Chairman Committee
3. Academy Of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists Physiotherapy India Prof. Senthil P. Kumar Chairman Board
4. Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Practitioner Association Physiotherapy India Dr. Vikram Singh Bhadouria President Committee
5. Physio Foundation of India Physiotherapy India Dr. Achuta Chandraprasad President Committee
6. Council of Paramedical Science of India Paramedical Science India Dr. Arvind Pandit Kharat President Committee
7. Delhi Institute of Healthcare & Research Healthcare & Research India Dr. Sachin Dev Sachdeva Dean Committee
8. West Bengal Board of Vocational Education and Training Paramedical Science India Mr. Arindam Sen President Committee
9. National Council of Medical and Paramedical Sciences Paramedical Science India Mr. Arindam Sen President Committee
10. Pune Business Education Training Board Paramedical Science India Mr. Deepak Balkrishna Patil President Committee