Global Outreach Medical & Health Association

The Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) is a global organization representing the medical and health profession. It serves as the principal representative body for more than 59 million medical and health professionals globally. It promotes and provides accreditation, certification, education, training and other resources for organizations, professionals and students. The GOMHA supports global programmes, humanitarian work, public health, human lives, assist poor patients, and counseling activities worldwide. The GOMHA publishes out many print medical & health educational vehicles per year including its journals, newsletters, flagship magazines, and papers.

GOMHA's tagline is "a legacy of global medical & health excellence". The Global Outreach Medical & Health Association has firmly established a leadership role in medical & health sector. Our team includes scientists, medical and health professionals from dozens of other specialties. We work in more than 70 countries to transform bold ideas into sustainable solutions that improve medical & health as well as well-being for all.

The Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) was started by 151 Committee and Board members with 20 Member & 40 Associate Member Organizations including 20 countries (India, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Russia, Bangladesh, Oman, UAE, France, Portugal, Egypt, Iraq, Mexico, Jordan, Canada and Kuwait).